Tiniest Dog Rescued From Puppy Mill Is Introduced To His First Ever Friend

By: Jane Smith

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 Meet Ruggles, an adorable Shih-Tzu puppy. He was taken to a new location where the potential of a new life could begin.

He was introduced to a new buddy to signify this fresh start, and their unlikely buddy was also rescued from an unfortunate circumstance. Chompers the kitten was discovered alone under a porch at only two days old. They meet each other for the first time in the video below.


Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video – Victoria Stillwell



Despite their rocky beginnings, Ruggles and Chompers are jolly and healthy, both of whom were adopted into loving families! Ruggles went on to become the official representative for the shelter that saved him, the Cherokee County Animal Shelter. The dog now goes to schools to educate youngsters about puppy mills and shelter dogs.



Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video – Victoria Stillwell



“For those wondering why they were not adopted together… that was the shelter’s original plan, but Chompers (true to her name!) became too rough with little Ruggles, and due to his health problems, it was determined that it was in both of the animals’ best interest to be adopted separately. They are both happy and very much loved!”


Click and watch the video below:

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