Dog Walks 125 Miles With ‘Tears In Her Eyes’ To Get Back To Owner, Who Rejected Her

The loyalty and determination of dogs never cease to amaze us, and the story of Maru, the loyal Bullmastiff, is a shining example of a dog's love for its owner.

Maru's incredible journey began when her owner in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, decided that they could no longer keep her due to allergies. Maru was sent back to her place of birth via the Trans-Siberian train. However, this loyal dog had other plans. During the journey, she managed to open the compartment door herself and escape the train when it stopped at a remote station near Achinsk.

Despite the train staff's efforts to locate her, Maru was determined to find her way back to her owner. She embarked on an arduous journey, covering 125 miles through Russian forests, which are home to brown bears and wolves. She suffered injuries to her paws along the way, but nothing could deter her from her mission.

After two and a half days, Maru was found in an industrial zone near her former home. She was exhausted, injured, and limping, but her determination had brought her back. It was as if there were tears in her eyes, a poignant reminder of her loyalty.

Alla Morozova, the kennel owner based in Novosibirsk, launched a search for Maru, and thanks to a social media campaign, the dog was recognized and reunited with her family. Maru's navigation skills and her unwavering love for her owner were evident throughout her remarkable journey.

While Maru's future is uncertain, she has been reunited with her mother and father in Novosibirsk. The story of Maru serves as a testament to the deep bond between dogs and their owners and the incredible lengths they will go to in order to be reunited.

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