By Laura Anderson -

Meet Lily, a story of rescue and recovery:

Lily was found as a stray at the Wichita animal shelter, overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty. Due to concerns about a small patch of missing hair that might have been ringworm, she was labeled as "rescue only," needing immediate intervention to save her.

Chasing Tails Rescue stepped in to give Lily a chance at a better life. After being picked up from the shelter, she received her initial vaccinations and preventive medications. Despite her initial shyness and wariness, Lily started making progress.

As time passed, Lily's transformation was heartwarming. By day 20, she was headed to Florida with her new family, and while she retained her cautious nature, moments of joy began to shine through. Chasing Tails Rescue had already shown Lily the love and care she deserved.

By day 36, Lily found her forever home with Sheryl Smith. Although still shy, she displayed a genuine affection for other dogs. House training was a work in progress, but Lily was gradually emerging from her shell and regaining trust in people.

This heartwarming story is a testament to the compassion and dedication of those who step in to rescue animals like Lily. It's a reminder of how small acts of kindness can restore faith in humanity and give deserving animals a second chance at life. Lily wags her tail in gratitude to all those kind souls who saved her.

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